Advent Hymn Calendar by Ashley Danyew

Advent Hymn Calendar

A simple, printable Advent calendar based on hymns and carols of the season

A musical Advent calendar.

A simple, printable Advent calendar to help you celebrate the season of hope and anticipation leading up to Christmas. The file is ready to print, cut, and use!

Unlike other Advent calendars, this one is based on your favorite Advent hymns and Christmas carols. 
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What's Included:

Each set includes:
25 cards (2.75 x 4.25" each)
4 mini art prints (5 x 7" each)

Each card has the date on one side and a short phrase of text from a familiar hymn or carol on the other. 

The art prints match the themes from the Sundays in Advent: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love (available in Black and Black with Gold). Frame and display them, tuck them into a garland, post them on the bulletin board in your choir room, or hang them on the fridge.

How to Use this Advent Calendar

There are many ways to use and display this Advent calendar. Here are a few ideas:

  • Pin the cards to a satin ribbon and hang on the back of a door
  • Clip the cards to a string garland on a blank wall
  • Pin to a bulletin board in your rehearsal space or office
  • Tape the cards to a mirror with washi tape and flip one over each day
  • Nestle the cards in a garland on the mantle
  • Punch holes in the top of each card, tie with ribbon, and hang on the tree
Buy for $12


This is a digital product. No physical product will be mailed to you. 

Once purchased, you will receive a high-quality, PDF file of this Advent calendar. The mini art prints are included in two color options: Black or Black and Gold (printed, not gold foil). The file is formatted for standard letter-size (8.5 x 11 inches) for easy printing!

Having trouble with the file? I'm here to help! Email me directly at ashley [at] ashleydanyew [dot] com.

This listing comes with a digital license to print unlimited copies of the Advent calendar cards and up to three copies of the art prints for personal use only. Please do not use this calendar or these prints in any other way than the original intent (this includes forwarding the file, selling the calendar cards or prints, and using the cards or prints to create another piece, printed or digital). Thank you for your support!

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