Directing a Church Children's Choir 101 by Ashley Danyew

Directing a Church Children's Choir 101

An online training course for children's choir directors in church settings

Planning engaging, intentional, musical rehearsals for your children's choir, week in and week out, can be challenging.

From finding relevant, good-quality resources to choosing age-appropriate songs and anthems to preparing, introducing, and properly sequencing new musical concepts and skills throughout the year, the job can seem overwhelming at times. 

Where do you find music and materials? 
How do you develop musicianship in young singers? 
What makes a rehearsal fun and productive?

Imagine if you could learn how to lead and teach creatively and confidently and had all the tools and resources you needed, right at your fingertips.

You'd spend more time enjoying rehearsals and watching your young singers learn and grow and less time feeling like you didn't get to everything you'd hoped. Your teaching time would be more intentional and streamlined and you'd feel more confident in your leadership skills and ability to teach effectively.

Welcome to Directing a Church Children's Choir 101:

A 4-week online training course designed specifically for children's choir directors in church settings

Whether you're a full-time staff member or a dedicated volunteer, whether you have a music degree or not, whether you lead a small group of six singers on Wednesday nights or oversee a large graded choir program...

This course will equip you to lead, teach, and inspire your young singers and give you the practical skills and useful step-by-step processes you need to plan, direct, and teach on a weekly basis.
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What's Included:

The course materials and video lessons are divided up into four modules, released over four weeks. The first module will be available immediately.

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"It was far above my expectations. I felt like we were taught every step we need to take to plan, prepare for and create a successful children's church choir."
"I loved this course - it helped me completely re-shape my vision for our parish chime choir and make it (hopefully) more  fun, educational, engaging, and spiritual."

Our Course Curriculum

Plus, a few bonuses!

Course Schedule

Module 1 - available immediately
Module 2 - available 7 days in
Module 3 - available 14 days in
Module 4 - available 21 days in
Bonus Module - available 21 days in

P.S. Want to take the fast track? Email me for instant access to the full course.
Buy for $179
"The best part of the course was the ability to communicate quickly and effectively with [Ashley] via email . . . The video presentations were clear and easy to understand, and lots of outside resources and ideas were provided to jumpstart the creative juices!"
"Take Ashley's course; it's chock full of great ways to engage and inspire your children's ensemble. My own attitude toward my kids' ensemble has changed from dread to excitement at the prospect of a fresh new method this year!"

See what others are saying about it...

"Valuable info and resources I can use both in church and at school."
"Practical, well-organized, and helpful."
"Very insightful, helpful, and full of awesome and excellent resources!"
"An awesome resource that will help you have an awesome year!"
"This course exceeded my expectations in the wealth of information, creative ideas, and resources provided!"

What's included?

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Welcome Message
Welcome Video
4 mins
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Module 1
Welcome to Module 1
3 mins
1.1 Introduction
2 mins
1.2 Part 1: Fostering Spiritual Growth
15 mins
1.3 Choosing Hymns and Songs
5 mins
1.4 Including Prayers and Devotions
3 mins
1.5 Part 2: Planning the Choir Year
3 mins
1.6 What to Include in Your Yearly Plan
14 mins
1.7 Year-at-a-Glance Chart + Project 1
2 mins
Module 1 Workbook
214 KB
Module 2
Welcome to Module 2
2 mins
2.1 Introduction
2 mins
2.2 Part 1: Working with Children's Voices
9 mins
2.3 Breath and Movement
8 mins
2.4 Vocal Warm-Ups
5 mins
2.5 Part 2: Choosing Music
10 mins
2.6 Evaluating a New Anthem + Project 2
9 mins
Module 2 Workbook
1.28 MB
A Prayer for Humility (Unison) by Mark Patterson
How to Teach Your Children's Choir to Sing in Parts
40 Call & Response Songs and Games for Children's Choir
Module 3
Welcome to Module 3
1 min
3.1 Introduction
1 min
3.2 Part 1: Studying the Score
10 mins
3.3 How to Develop a Teaching Sequence
10 mins
3.4 Part 2: Creating Engaging Rehearsals
10 mins
3.5 Planning Rehearsals
5 mins
3.6 Sample Rehearsal Plan + Project 3
7 mins
Module 3 Workbook
269 KB
Fun, Easy Gathering Activities for Children's Choir
16 Clapping Games for Children's Choir
15 Singing Games for Children's Choir
12 Practical Transition Songs to Teach to Your Children's Choir
Module 4
Welcome to Module 4
2 mins
4.1 Introduction
2 mins
4.2 Part 1: Developing Musicianship
6 mins
4.3 Teaching Rote-to-Note
8 mins
4.4 10 Steps to Reading Music
2 mins
4.5 Teaching Music-Reading and Choral Methods
8 mins
4.6 Part 2: Preparing to Teach
9 mins
4.7 Visual Aids, the Art of Teaching + Project 4
10 mins
Module 4 Workbook
424 KB
Scope & Sequence Chart from Growing in Grace
How to Teach a Song or Anthem By Rote
6 Strategies for Helping a Child Discover Their Singing Voice
Let Every Heart Prepare a Throne (Unison) by Mark Patterson
I See You God (Unison/2-Part) by Mark Burrows)
Bonus Module
Recruiting and Sustaining Your Choir Ministry [eBook]
1.12 MB
Bonus Training: The Benefits of Teaching Solfege to Your Children's Choir
10 mins
Solfege Resource Guide
216 KB
Bonus Training: How to Celebrate the Church Year with Your Children's Choir
9 mins
Celebrate the Church Year Resource Guide
245 KB
Bonus Training: A Guide to Starting and Directing a Children's Handbell Choir
9 mins
Children's Handbell Choir Resource Guide
210 KB


Where is this course taught?

This course is taught exclusively online. Access the content 24/7, wherever you go, from any device.

How much time does it take to complete?

You can complete the course in as little as four weeks (one module per week). You'll have access to the first module immediately after signing up. Each module includes roughly 45 minutes of video and a corresponding project for you to work through on your own. I recommend setting aside a few hours each week. 

That being said, the course is completely self-paced, so start whenever you're ready, set a schedule that works for you, and learn at your own pace.

What is your refund policy?

If your situation changes after you purchase this course and you are no longer able to take it, please email me within 5 days of purchase for a 75% refund. After this point, all course registrations are non-refundable.

What if I have other questions?

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at I'd be happy to answer your questions!