Music Education Basics: A Free 5-Day Workshop by Ashley Danyew
Enrollment is closed

Music Education Basics: A Free 5-Day Workshop

A fresh dose of inspiration for church musicians and music educators + practical teaching ideas you can use right away
Enrollment is closed

Ready for a fresh start?

It's the start of a new calendar year, and let me guess:

You’re looking back at 2018 and feeling a little worn out. You feel scattered. Your teaching approach feels haphazard and reactionary, and you wish you’d been a little more consistent these past few months.

You want 2019 to be different, but you're not sure where to start.

You want to be the best teacher you can be, but taking on the task of improving your teaching skills is daunting. You’re not sure what to change or do differently.

If you're feeling like...
  • Your teaching is a little lackluster 
  • Your rehearsals are monotonous 
  • You're stuck going through the motions, the same way you've always done it
... then this workshop is for you!

Let's get back to the basics.

As music educators, I believe we’re never done learning - and that’s a good thing! That’s why I created this
free 5-day workshop.

The #MusicEducationBasics workshop is a preview into my online courses for church musicians and music educators, designed to give you clarity in your teaching and a fresh dose of inspiration and practical teaching ideas you can use right away. 

Are you in?
I'm passionate about helping music educators, like you, lead, teach, and inspire others creatively and confidently. I write a blog and teach online courses where I share practical tools, creative teaching ideas, and curated resources to help you do your best work.

I created the #MusicEducationBasics workshop to help music educators, like you, stay motivated and come up with fresh, creative, and engaging teaching ideas.

Ready to get started?

Mark your calendar!

The #MusicEducationBasics workshop will be hosted online
January 21-25, 2019. Sign up today and get the workshop materials sent straight to your inbox each day.

How it Works:

Each day, you'll get an email from me with links to the following:
  • a short video lesson
  • an audio file, if you prefer to just listen
  • the PDF workbook with a summary of the day's lesson, a helpful worksheet, and a homework project to help you take action
Each lesson will be focused on a different element of music teaching and learning, designed to give you a fresh dose of inspiration and creative teaching ideas you can use right away.
"Practical, easy to follow,
and well-organized."
"[The] presentation style is
warm, clear and affirming."
"Great ideas to help you 
have a great year!"

What's Included:

Here's a preview of what you'll learn:

  • Why listening and responding are fundamental components of music teaching and learning, for all ages 
  • What it means to develop language skills in music and the importance of building a musical vocabulary 
  • How to teach musical phrasing, dynamics, and movement
  • How to introduce music notation, symbols, and intervals in an intentional and musical way
  • What musical creativity means and how to teach it and foster it in those you teach

Creative ideas and resources for church musicians + music educators

Practical tools to help you lead + teach with confidence


What are the dates?

The workshop will be hosted online Monday, January 21, 2019 through Friday, January 25, 2019. Sign up today and get the workshop materials sent straight to your inbox each day. 

Where will this workshop be taught?

This is an online workshop. All video/audio lessons and related materials will be posted online. Access the content 24/7, wherever you go, from any device.

How much time will it take?

I recommend setting aside 30 minutes each day for the duration of the workshop (5 days), but feel free to take as much time as you need!

What does each day include?

Each day includes a video/audio lesson (less than 10 minutes of content), a fill-in-the-blank worksheet + a short homework assignment, so you can put what you're learning into practice.

What are the homework assignments like?

The homework is a way for you to take action on the content. Mostly, these are reflective activities for you to jot down ideas that come to mind and plan out some engaging teaching strategies to use in the future.

What if I can't complete everything in a week?

This workshop is self-paced, so take as long as you need! You'll have unlimited access to the video/audio content (once it's released) and the PDF workbook through the end of February 2019.