Music Education & Leadership Skills for the Adult Choir Director by Ashley Danyew

Music Education & Leadership Skills for the Adult Choir Director

An online training course for church choir directors

As a church choir director, you wear many hats.

You're the director and maybe the accompanist, the behind-the-scenes planner, and chief communicator; but you're also a mentor, cheerleader, spiritual leader, and yes, music educator.
The thing is, no one told you you'd have people in your choir who can't read music, or basses that like to sing the melody, or sopranos that can't sing above a Treble E. 

You're a capable musician, but you weren't expecting to have to teach the basics of vocal technique and music-reading to singers of all ages and abilities.

Feel like you could use a team of music education experts in each choir rehearsal?

You're not alone.

You could try to learn as you go, tackling challenges one by one as they arise and reading and learning what you can on how to teach this concept or develop that skill... but who has time for that? And where do you even begin?

What if there was a way to learn the key skills and teaching strategies you need to direct and lead your choir with confidence?

You'd probably spend less time feeling frustrated about teaching and directing and more time enjoying rehearsals and watching your choir members learn and succeed. Your rehearsals would be more intentional and streamlined and you'd feel more confident in your leadership skills and ability to teach effectively.

Welcome to Music Education & Leadership Skills for the Adult Choir Director

I created this course for you, the church choir director wearing many hats.

Whether you're working with a choir of six or sixty, this course will help you develop valuable teaching skills (tailored to adults and informed by several useful educational frameworks) and equip you with the practical tools and skills you need to lead and teach your choir with creativity and confidence.
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You'll Learn How To:

  • Teach important vocal technique and choral methods to your choir
  • Help your singers develop music-reading skills
  • Foster the development of musicianship, listening skills, awareness, and musical understanding
  • Evaluate choral anthems and choose music at an appropriate level for your ensemble
  • Plan effective rehearsals, week after week
  • Lead your choir with confidence

What others are saying:

"Great launching pad for those starting a new choir as well as some great reminders and insightful ideas for the more experienced director."

What's Inside:

  • 13 video lessons, divided into four modules
  • Lifetime 24/7 access to all the course content, from any device
  • Comments feature so you can ask questions, get feedback on your ideas, and interact with others in the course
  • Hands-on activities and projects to put your new skills and knowledge into practice
  • Digital resources, templates, and related course materials
  • Email support for the duration of the course: answers to your questions and feedback on your ideas are only an email away!

What directors are saying:

“Wonderful course and so informative!!!

“PRAISE THE LORD!! What a relief. I have no idea how to lead a choir. I'm literally preparing my notes an hour before my choir turns up . . . . I am so blessed to have you now showing me how to run a proper rehearsal and bring the best out of the choir.”

Our Course Curriculum

You'll get instant access to all four modules and related course content.

Hi, I'm Ashley Danyew

Church musician and music educator based in Rochester, NY. My mission is to help church musicians and teachers like you lead, teach, and inspire others creatively and confidently.

I have a Ph.D. in Music Education and a Certificate in Arts Leadership from the Eastman School of Music and over 15 years of church music experience, including starting and directing adult, children's, and handbell choirs; accompanying services; planning worship; and overseeing a music program.

I created this course to help you develop and refine your teaching skills so you can lead and direct your choir with confidence and be the best director you can be. 

I'm excited to meet you inside!

What's included:

Video Icon 14 videos File Icon 7 files Text Icon 8 text files
Welcome & Introduction
Welcome Video
3 mins
Module 1: The Learning Process
1.1 How Adults Learn
7 mins
1.2 Activity: 8 Strategies That Promote Learning
116 KB
1.3 How We Learn Music
15 mins
1.4 Leadership Skills for Church Musicians
5 mins
1.5 Activity: 25 Leadership Skills
131 KB
Module 2: What to Teach
2.1 Developing Vocal Technique
9 mins
2.2 Understanding Breathing
5 mins
2.3 Introducing Choral Methods
7 mins
PDF: My Country 'Tis of Thee Printable
102 KB
2.4 Teaching Vowels + Consonants
6 mins
PDF: 4 Common Vowel Problems (and How to Fix Them!)
173 KB
Module 3: How to Teach
3.1 Teaching Sight-Reading
9 mins
3.2 Activity: Sight-Reading
3.3 Teaching Rhythmic Reading
5 mins
PDF: Rhythmic Reading Examples
280 KB
3.4 Teaching Understanding of Melody, Harmony + Form
9 mins
Module 4: Planning & Preparing
4.1 Choosing Music
8 mins
4.2 Activity: Finding Music
119 KB
4.3 Planning Rehearsals
11 mins
4.4 Leading Rehearsals
6 mins
4.5 Activity: Creating Rehearsal Plans
115 KB
Bonus Resources
19 Ways to Connect (and Sing!) with Your Choir Virtually [Article]
50 Awesome Choral Warm-Ups for Church Choirs [Bonus]
2019 Reading Session Picks: Adult Choir [Article]
My Step-by-Step Process for Rehearsing a New Anthem [Article]
Folder & Robe List Template [Bonus]
The Choir Year in Review Workbook [Bonus]

Ready to get started?

I’d love to see you inside the course and help you develop the skills you need to plan, direct, and teach on a weekly basis (and feel confident doing it!).

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What other directors have wondered:

Where is this course taught?

This course is taught exclusively online. Immediately after purchasing, you'll receive an email with details on how to login to a members-only website where you can access the course. Access the content 24/7, wherever you go, from any device. All course content and materials will be delivered in digital format: video lessons, PDF downloads, and web links. Nothing physical will be shipped to you.

How much time does it take to complete?

You can complete the course in as little as 2-3 hours. Each module includes roughly 30 minutes of video and a corresponding project for you to work through on your own.

That being said, the course is completely self-paced, so start whenever you're ready, set a schedule that works for you, and learn at your own pace.

I've already taken one of the other courses in this series; how much of this content is the same?

I touch on a few of the same topics in each course because some parts of music teaching and learning look the same, even if you're working with a different ensemble; however, I wrote the content in this course specifically for adult choral directors.

What if I have other questions?

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at I'd be happy to answer your questions!