Organize Your Church Music Program by Ashley Danyew

Organize Your Church Music Program

An online workshop recording for church musicians

Ready to get organized?

Featuring 25 minutes of step-by-step instruction, a 28-page eBook, and a collection of checklists, worksheets, templates, and printables this online workshop will help you organize your church music program from top to bottom. 
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What's included?

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Video Lessons
A Quick Introduction
3 mins
01: Organizing Your Music Library
8 mins
Frequently Asked Questions
3 mins
02: Organizing Your Files
7 mins
03: Organizing Your Choir Room
5 mins
04: How to Stay Organized
4 mins
Download the eBook
Organize Your Church Music Program eBook
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Folder and Robe List.pages
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Folder and Robe List.docx
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Folder and Robe List.pdf
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Choir Sign-Out Calendar.pdf
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Choir Newsletter Sample 1.pdf
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Choir Newsletter Sample 2.pdf
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Choir Anthem Database Template.numbers
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Choir Anthem Database Template.xlsx
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Church Music Database Template.numbers
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Church Music Database Template.xlsx
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Music Program Budget Worksheet.numbers
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Music Program Budget Worksheet.xlsx
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Creative ideas and resources for church musicians + music educators

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