Tonal & Rhythm Pattern Cards: Older Elementary by Ashley Danyew

Tonal & Rhythm Pattern Cards: Older Elementary

A practical tool to help older elementary children learn the language of music

Do you remember when you learned how to read?

You couldn't wait to show off your new skill to everyone you knew and couldn't get your hands on enough books (both old and new). You loved the feeling of being independent and learning on your own.

It's the same with learning to read music.

We start by listening and imitating, and exploring sounds and tonal and rhythm patterns. These are like words in language. Then, we build our musical vocabulary with new and more advanced tonal and rhythm patterns and begin understanding how music is put together. 

Help your older elementary children understand the language of music and develop their reading skills.

This kit is designed for Older Elementary-age children (3rd-5th grade). Inside, you'll find two sets of printable tonal pattern cards (major and minor, 44 cards each) and four sets of printable rhythm pattern cards (duple and triple, 32 cards each).

216 cards total
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